[EVENT] Imagining a new scientific partnership between Africa and Europe (29 June 2022)

Imaging a new scientific partnership between Africa and Europe

As part of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union (FPEU), the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) and the Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD) are organising an event entitled “Imagining a new scientific partnership between Africa and Europe” on 29 June 2022 in Brussels.
This event is in line with the strategy set out in the CNRS’s multiyear cooperation roadmap with Africa and the implementation of the IRD’s contract of objectives, means and performance. It will bring together high-level representatives from the African and European higher education and research ecosystems such as universities, research organisations, research associations and public institutions.
Its objective is to contribute to the emergence of good practices and new ways of cooperating, based on equitable and sustainable collaborations between the two continents. This event will attempt to provide food for thought in a common response to the contemporary challenges and issues set out in the strategic objectives of the African Union and the European Union.

The event will be available in English and French.

Participation in this event can be in-person or online. To register, use this link:

PFUE Afrique Europe Program