South Africa now automatically eligible for Horizon Europe funding

We are excited to announce that, as of 17 June 2021, South Africa has been added to the list of countries that are automatically eligible for Horizon Europe Funding.

What does this mean for South African researchers and companies?

This means that South African researchers and companies will be able to participate in international cooperation projects as part of EU-funded actions.

Most Horizon Europe calls are open to participants from non-associated countries and international organisations, unless specific limitations or conditions are laid down in the work programme and/or the call/topic text, such as those highlighted for associated countries. Moreover, some Horizon Europe calls are particularly relevant for international cooperation, encouraging or even requiring the participation of legal entities from non-associated non-EU countries in the funded actions.

For more information on Horizon Europe, including opportunities for funding and application guidelines, please visit the Horizon Europe website

For more information on Horizon Europe in the South African context, visit our website to view details on Horizon Europe and to find contact information for the relevant contact people.

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