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F’SAGRI aims to build the capacity of historically disadvantaged universities in the agricultural and food sectors based on the 3 pillars namely: Education Research and Community Engagement which are briefly explained in the below picture.


  • October 2013: State visit by President Hollande, signing of a letter of lntent by the Ministers of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs from South Africa and France providing the creation of F’SAGRI
  • September 2015: French Ministry of Agriculture and Food Agent (MAA) agent seconded French Prof’s to F’SAGRI Programme at the University of Fort Hare.

The F’SAGRI initiative is aimed at creating an environment that supports and encourages high standards of academic endeavour with high throughput rates with regard to graduation and creation of new knowledge through considerable research outputs. As such, the initiative is a two-pronged one that addresses both formal education and research collaboration. 

F’SAGRI provides capacity building for:

  • University of Limpopo
  • University of Venda
  • University of Fort Hare
  • Research Institutes in the agricultural and food sectors

The pillars of F'SAGRI will be broken into achievable strategic interventions:



  • Students with high academic standards
  • Curriculum Development
  • Staff Development


  • Technical upgrading of educational and scientific facilities and equipment
  • Collaborative Research programmes

Community Engagement

  • Transfer of knowledge towards the rural communities
  • Support Entrepreneurship
  • Support Innovation


A sustainable Agri-food industry requires continuous supply of highly competent technical experts in the different segments of the value chain. The education and training sector together with national research fraternity, plays an important role in the development of such requisite skills.

South African Partners


French Partners


Success Stories

A pilot phase at the University of Fort Hare (2015 – June 2018)

From 2015 to June 2018, two technical experts were seconded from France and stationed at the University of Fort Hare focussing on food sciences as a priority of the University and the surrounding communities.

An institutional approach since November 2018

In November 2018, FSAGRI started with an institutional approach which focuses on the development of new curricula, training of lectures and the establishment of the sustainable partnerships between French and South African Institutions.: Prospect for new approach includes :

  • The development of food science curricular at all the three Universities,
  • Providing F’SAGRI with a veterinary pole with a university granting a veterinary degree
  • Integrate TVET Colleges into F’SAGRI for the training of young farmers and agricultural technicians


Mobility of students and lectures

Since its inception, F’SAGRI has sent to France

  • 7 South African students to follow a complete Master’s programme,
  • 1 lecturer for a year of doctoral studies.


Support for innovation

In November 2019 and October 2020, F’SAGRI organised two successful Innovation Price awards: The first one eight projects were selected to follow an Incubation Programme whereas the second one was open to all universities and start up in South where 4 projects were selected and received prices ranging from R40 000 to R100 000.

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