IST-Africa 2022 Call for Papers [16 to 20 May 2022]

IST-Africa Week 2022 is the seventeenth annual Ministerial-level Technology Research and Innovation Conference. It brings together senior representatives from leading public, private, education and research, societal and funding organisations around the world to share knowledge and experience of technology-enabled Innovation, Science and Technology related Adoption, Policy and Research in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The IST-Africa Week Conference Series provides a platform to strengthen technology-enabled Innovation, Science and Technology related policy dialogues within Africa, and between Africa, Europe and the rest of the world. Rich thematic knowledge exchange is achieved through strategy and policy oriented Plenary Sessions, paper and workshop sessions in the Scientific Programme, and co-located multi-lateral and bi-lateral meetings. The reputation of IST-Africa Week is based on a high quality Scientific Programme showcasing innovative technology-enabled Innovation, Science and Technology related applications and research results.

Each Conference places a special emphasis on showcasing host country progress in achieving the Information Society and Knowledge Economy, as well as technology-enabled Research, Innovation Capacity and Entrepreneurship (IST-Africa 2006 – South Africa, IST-Africa 2007 – Mozambique, IST-Africa 2008 – Namibia, IST-Africa 2009 – Uganda, IST-Africa 2010 – South Africa, IST-Africa 2011 – Botswana, IST-Africa 2012 – Tanzania, IST-Africa 2013 – Kenya, IST-Africa 2014 – Mauritius, IST-Africa 2015 – Malawi, IST-Africa 2016 – South Africa, IST-Africa 2017 – Namibia, IST-Africa 2018 – Botswana), IST-Africa 2019 – Kenya, IST-Africa 2020 – Uganda, IST-Africa 2021 – South Africa). IST-Africa Week 2022 will feature technology-enabled Innovation, Science and Technology, Entrepreneurship, ICT4D and Global Development discussion, showcase research, innovation and implementation related results, and focus on Research and Innovation Collaboration Opportunities between Africa and Europe under Horizon Europe.